Afrolanguages is a leading and the most reliable African translations provider we provide high quality localization and translation services to global businesses and organizations, language service providers (LSPs) and individuals. We cover over 30 African languages and provide translation service on a freelance basis, we offer best rates solution and quick turnarounds. Our dedicated team of professional translators has been producing high quality translation services to our global and local clients, private businesses, governmental organizations, language service providers and individuals, this allowed us to earn a professional level of localization and translation ability, business reliability, good online citizenship and our clients trust.

We are here to accelerate your global expansion efforts

Whether it's a simple translation of a sales brochure or a large software localization project we handle it all. We aim to help LSPs, companies, investors, individuals, governments to improve their businesses in Africa we help you to boost your business and break the language barrier, localize your products and business materials to the desired local languages in order to familiarize your business and reflect the unique linguistic and cultural characteristics of the target market.


We have built a great team of professional African translators on a simple linguistic philosophy, all are natives, specialized, experienced and only translate into their native languages, we are now in the never ending pursuit of superior quality in localization, translation, transcription, proofreading, and LQA services.

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We Want You to Join Our Team!

We welcome all native African freelance translators with experience of over 3 years and higher degrees/diplomas in the translation field or accreditation of translation associations to join our professional team send us your current CV with your language combination, your rates in USD per word, and your daily capacity, go to our Contact Us page and send us your application.